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Dipping Powder

(300+color ayailable) Dipping powder colors use organically processed powder product combined with liquids enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to give you strong, durable nails with a shine that really lasts. Non-toxic-odor free -lightweight & flexible or dry-chip resistant-Vitamin E and Calcium fortified no UV. Long lasting color and shine-easy soak off.
Overlay dipping $38
Extension dipping $45
Ombre or French extra $8 +



Start service with nails trimming, shaping and cuticle grooming, followed with light massages and hot towel wrap. Finish with regular polish or clear shiny buffer.


Includes basic manicure add a sugar scrub OPI products choice a scent (lavender, green tea, orange, and lemon) followed by a 10 minutes massage during dip your hand in paraffin hot wax. Finish with hot towel wrap and regular polish


Treat your hands to as a facial to keep them as young as you feel. This manicure begins with proper pampering of your nails, exfoliating scrub to take away dead shin then hot stone massage and warm lotion are the next steps. Collage gloves enriched with collage and Shea butter to help immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness Finish with essential oil.



Start out with shaping nails, trimming cuticle and buffing to smooth. Finish with hot towel wrap and regular polish.


Start service with trimming nails, shaping and cuticle grooming, followed with lightly massage and hot towel wrap. Finish with regular polish.


Includes basic pedicure. Relax your feet with sugar scrub (lavender, green tea, orange, lemon) to remove dirt, and clay mosk to smooth your feet. A smoothing cream will be applied to soften the calluses. Add 10 minutes massage relax your feet. Finish with hot towel wrap and regular polish.


Includes spa pedicure. Relax in luxurious, add on flowers soap reducing your skin's water loss. Paraffin wax enriched with anti-aging, hot stones massage with cooling Aloe Vera gel in the last step to leave your skin hydrated and quenched with natural beauty in every step


This pedicure ultimate spa experience. It starts with soaking your feet in flowers soap and mask are used to exfoliate and moisturizer the skin. Choice an OPI scent (lavender, green tea, orange, honey essence) Aloe Vera cooling gel and hot rock massage are followed to deeply relax muscles and improve blood circulation lastly. The collage shocks are wrapped around feet. Enriched with collage and organ oil, ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to provide intense nourishing care. Finish with essential.


Organic vitamins package products will be used for this pedicure. Relax your feet in therapeutic salt soak organic liquid scrub to remove dirt, apply mud mask to shooting super smooth your skin. A relaxing massage with collage lotion to stimulate and revive fatigued legs. Enjoy hot stone massage during dip your feet in paraffin hot wax by a relaxing high levels of antioxidants moisturizer with will deliver all day moisturizer for healthy supple looking skin.

*Choice a Scent below: Orange

*Chocolate Love *lavender Relieve

*Green Tea Detox *Lemon Quench

*Jasmine Soothe *Ocean Refresh

*Cucumber Fresh *Tangerine Twist

*Olive Sensation *Mango Delight


Jelly pedicure contain no harmful substance and biodegradables. An assortment of natural plants and fragrant oils that go through refined processing make up this product. The bits of jelly can effectively reduce sweating and odor as well as serve to moisten the skin on the feet. The jelly contain fragrant oils will sooth relieve sorrel soften rough skin, and calluses and help prevent dryness.

*Choice a jelly scent below

*Lavender *Rose *Tea Tree *Peppermint *Sweet Citrus

Nails Services

(500 Colors Avalible)
Clear Fiberglass Powder Fill $30
Clear Fiberglass Powder Full Set $40 +
Pink Powder Fill $28 +
Pink Powder Full Set $40 +
Pink & White Fill $30 + / $43
Pink & White Full Set $50 +
Glitter Powder Colors Fill $30 / $43
Glitter Powder Colors Full Set $50 +
Ombre Powder Colors Fill $30 / $40
Ombre Powder Colors Full Set $50
Add Gel Polish Extra $12 +
Add Clear Top Gel Extra $8
Powder Colors Design $10 +

Add On Services

Nails Art $8 +
Nails repair $5 +
French tip $8 +
Paraffin hot wax $8
Collage gloves or shocks $15
Unique shape $8
Soak off gel polish or dipping powder $10 +
Trimming nails $15 +
Gel colors change $22 +
Add extra massage 10 minute $15
Add extra massage 20 minute $20

Kid's Services

(10 Years Old & Under)
Combo mani & pedi $30
Combo pilish change $20
Polish change $15

*Free design


Eyebrows $13
Lip $8
Chin $15 +
Full Face $40 +
Under Arm $30 +
Full Arm $50 +
Half Arm $30 +
Full Legs $80 +
Half Legs $40 +
Bikini $60 +
Brazilian $85 +
Back $50 +
Chest $48 +

Facial Services

EXPRESS FACIAL (on spa chair) $30

Remove your makeup, oil and dirt. Using a facial mask choice from your different of your skin. Finish with shoulder light massage.

BASICFACIAL (30 mins) $40

Remove your makeup, oil and dirt. Smooth the skin's surface by releasing dead cell build up and pore-blocking impurities. Deeply cleaning and purilying skin. Mask will be choice for different kinds of your skin, lightly massage your face to keep your muscles tight and rejuvenate damaged skin keep your skin healthy and beautiful & full moisturizer. Finish with toner pray.

SPECIAL FACIAL (55 mins) $70

STeaming cleaning and toning your face. Exfoliate scrub take off dead skin Lightly remove acne. Mud mask will apply to refresh firm your skin. Enjoy face, hands, arms, neck, shoulder massage. Moisturizer cream isthe last step for your facial.